Transmission Repair

Levrett Automotive and Allen’s Automotive are the best shops in Reno to bring your vehicle for transmission repair

Transmission Repair is Simply What We Do Best

We are a high-quality transmission rebuild shop that can diagnose, fix, and repair, or completely rebuild the transmission and transfer cases on most cars and trucks. This has been the backbone of Levrett for over 40 years. Our shop can handle a high volume of transmission work, this means getting the car, truck or fleet vehicle back on the road quickly with a quality repair.

Levrett also specializes in older model car transmissions and we have a large inventory of old transmission parts for classic cars and hot rods. This is a specialty service many shops no longer provide. You can trust us to honestly determine the scope of repairs your vehicle requires and provide you with a quick turnaround time at fair prices.

Transmission Service Can Extend Its Life Expectancy

A little transmission maintenance goes a long way towards avoiding costly repairs. In fact, there is nothing more important to maintaining a healthy vehicle. A well-maintained transmission lasts longer and is worth a lot more when it comes time to sell. It also has much lower repair bills over its lifetime and is much more reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, transmission fluid should be changed between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. An external diagnostic check will let you know if it is necessary or not. Sometimes heat can cause it to break down over time, or it can become contaminated from parts of the transmission. It is important to change the transmission fluid when recommended since the fluid lubricates the moving parts in your transmission. Without a regular flush and replenishment of transmission fluids, you are dramatically decreasing the life expectancy of your transmission as time goes on.

When it comes to transmissions, it is not always just the number of miles that have an impact on its life expectancy. Many seemingly normal driving conditions can lower your transmissions efficiency and longevity. If you are driving your car only a few miles a day, the vehicle doesn’t have a chance to warm up to the proper operation temperature and the transmission shifts through gear ranges more than it should. If you have an older car with a low amount of miles on it, you might want to get your transmission checked to make sure there hasn’t been any unnecessary strain on it.

The main reason transmission repairs cost a lot is because so much goes into these specific repairs. Transmissions are made up of literally hundreds of parts and during a major repair, each one must be removed and thoroughly inspected. Once the issue is found that part can be repaired or replaced. Then all the parts must be put back together perfectly or risk further complications. Once the parts are put back together the transmission has to be reinstalled and tested to make sure everything’s running as it should be. So, while it may seem like a lot, the time and expertise spent on this specific repair justify the high costs.

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