mercedes in winter snow

Fall has barely reached its peak, and Reno is already feeling the cold settle in. While this season calls for warmer clothes and hot drinks, it’s also the best time to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before winter. A quick trip to a mechanic near you can protect your car or truck from the ice, snow, and freezing temperatures ahead.

Treat your vehicle to an oil change and upgrade to winter-grade oil. Colder temperatures can affect the viscosity of your oil by causing it to thicken. Winter-grade oil has a lower viscosity grade than normal viscosity grade oil, and it can help your engine warm up more quickly.

Test your battery especially if your car or truck is at least four years old or older. To be safe, carry jumper cables in case you find yourself or another person stuck with a dead battery.

Closely monitor wearing on tires. Worn-down tires reduce traction and can endanger you on icy roads. If you often drive on hilly roads or areas that experience heavy snow, you may want to consider purchasing snow tires that can last all-year-round.

Levrett and/or Allen’s Automotive can assist you with each of these and additional repairs you may need. Our professional mechanics will ensure your vehicle is ready to face the bitter cold and beyond.

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