Core Values

Unwavering Principles: Our Core Values Drive Everything We Do

Commitment to Excellence: Providing Unparalleled Customer Service and Innovation

  • Offering 1st class customer service to all existing customers, new customers, and accounts
  • Going over the top to help resolve issues with all client vehicles, being efficient problem solvers.
  • Delivering high quality repairs and services, making sure clients get exactly what they pay for and more. “Exchange in Abundance”
  • Giving the customers educated access to all the tools and resources we provide.
  • As a team, developing new and creative processes to streamline our services.

Customer Satisfaction, Employee Well-being, and Community Engagement

Skip Thomson’s passion for auto repair and maintenance began in 1987 when he became a Honda mechanic while living in Connecticut. He continued to work as a mechanic solely focused on Honda cars when he moved to Colorado in 1991. Skip relocated to Reno in 1995 and expanded his professional expertise to the aftermarket auto segment with a position at Meineke. With this experience in auto repair and service under his belt, he co-founded his own shop in 1997. After selling his interest to his partner in 2011, Skip continued to work as a mechanic in the Reno area. When the opportunity to purchase Levrett Automotive & Allen’s Autotmotive Complete Auto Care was presented to him in 2015, Skip took immediate action. Throughout Skip’s lengthy career working as a mechanic and auto repair shop owner, he has earned numerous ASE and Drive certifications. He also has served two terms as the BNI president and has been recognized several times by industry networking organizations.